As I'm sure most of you know, Eric and I don't need much to be happy. Living in our cozy apartment with Louis the cat and being around each other over some wine and a good meal is what we cherish most. Typically all while dreaming about what exciting place we might get to save up to travel to next (unfortunately Louis has to be left out of those trips, but i'm sure he has some big dreams of his own).

Although we do not expect anyone to purchase us a wedding present, as getting to be with everyone in one place to celebrate is all we can ask for, we decided to put this registry together for those who wish to. Eric and I are hoping to travel to Montreal, Quebec, Canada and experience the beautiful arhcitecture, food, and mix of the French culture we love within Canada. Therefore, we ask that if you feel you'd like to give a gift, help make it a possibility for us to travel there for our honeymoon. Any and all gifts given through this registry will help fund our flights, Airbnb rental, delicious dinners, coffee and wines at cafes, and other expenses that will need to be covered during our leave, such as the rent and bills we will be needing to cover after missing work to have this experience. 

We hope to see all your faces at the wedding, as that is the gift we desire the most. 


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